Monday, September 14, 2009

Datsun 120Y New Exhaust System and HID 8000K

Spray My Mum's Car To Look Nicer

I have been thinking how to make my mum's car to look nicer. After a few days of thinking, I decided to spray the whole bottom of the car into black colour. I like the effect, it make's the car look like mini cooper!! I think that's all for today!! Nothing to say!! Bye

Monday, July 27, 2009

Prayer Car

Let's Rock Man
JB Wesley Car Club Gathering
All the club member
All who came on that day
Uncle Tee was not inside the picture, coz he is the one that the picture for us
Damn, all she can do is SLEEP
Holding hand's together and pray for the city
She can't take it and she finally cry like a big baby
Alright let's close our eyes and pray
Don't know what to do !!
Hey get down from the car now !!
Pray Pray Pray
All don't know what to do, so we just stand there like tree's !!
Damn that guy behind me is trying to do something to me !!
Just only reach !!!
Everyone is getting down from the car !!
Going back now !!
All our club member's car !!
Uncle Wee is driving !!
Uncle Wee drive damn slow sia !!

Yeah having Prayer Car yesterday, it was fun and tired !! We went to Danga Bay and many more la !! Lazy to write down all the place we go !! hahahaha !!! LOL !! This is the first time I drive damn slow like shit !! I was like only driving 40 to 50 km/h !! Can you believe dat !! Haiz slow like shit den all the car keep over taking my car !! I just feel like speed up and overtake their car back !! But shit I can't do that , because all the church member is there !! Haiz !! After the Prayer Car thing, we went back to church and talk bullshit !! After dat Elyssa, Jonathan, Adeline and me went to Elyssa's house because Jonathan is teaching Elyssa homework !! So I and Adeline sit there like dummy !! Don't know what to do !! After Jonathan finish teaching Elyssa, I fetch them all the way back to Perling !! Den we had dinner together and finally I can go back and rest !! That's all for today !!

For Ade : Hate you !! Go die la !!! wakakakakaka jk jk jk

Monday, July 13, 2009

Me and My friend's Car

Zhi Wei's Car
Yong Siang's Car
My Car
My Friend's Car
Ah Pang's fully modified car
Ah Pang's Wife
Wei Jie's Car
This Car is from KL
This car is from KL
Honda Civic Club
Tuning the car
Wira GSR Turbo with HID light 8000K
Tuning Evolution 7
Tuning Evolution 7
Proton Satria
Wira Tuning
Wira GSR Turbo
Satria Tuning
Wira waiting for the green light !! GO GO GO

This is some of the picture I take during my drag racing competition!! I saw alot of car's that are damn powerful !! I hope that one day my car will be as powerful as their car !!